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Wheels Vs Doors

Wheels Vs Doors

SKU: 5060959630036

In the party game Wheels vs Doors, you're given two topics to compare and decide which one is larger.

In more detail, play individually or split into up to four teams. Each team starts with betting chips and three cards from a deck of randomized wheel and door cards. In a round, a team reveals two number cards from 1-6, and these numbers determine what you're comparing on that round's card, e.g., "U.S. Presidents" and "seven-letter words that start with 'Z'". You place betting chips on the thing you think is larger; if you win, you receive as many cards from the wheel/door deck as the number of chips bet, and if you lose, you lose that many cards from your collection.

Keep playing rounds until a team or individual has ten wheel cards or ten door cards, winning the game.

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