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The Veiled dungeon: An RPG Toolbox

The Veiled dungeon: An RPG Toolbox

SKU: 5060703680478

This toolbox contains everything you need to explore the Veiled Dungeon. Designed to be used either as a stand-alone adventure, or a toolbox of monsters, NPCs, encounters, maps and more that can be easily inserted into your own campaigns.

This RPG Toolbox contains a 5E ready to roll adventure and the maps to play it on. They feature dozens of unique monsters and NPCs who can be encountered in our unique settings.

Our RPG Toolboxes contain –

Fold out modular maps (24 Maps, Wet & Dry marker safe, Laminated)

A detailed, fully illustrated reference book (5E Adventure, Random encounters written for each map & area, Unique 5E Monsters, Unique NPCs, Adventure and plot generators).

Monster & NPC Cards (40 Unique cards with beautiful artwork)

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