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Team Yankee: Nordic Forces

Team Yankee: Nordic Forces

SKU: 9781988558387

Background on World War III in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and instructions on how to build:

  • Finnish T-72FM1, T-72FM2, or T-55M Armoured Companies, and BMP-1 or BTR-60 Jääkäri Companies,
  • Swedish Strv 103 S-Tank or Strv 104 Centurion Tank Companies, and Pbv 302 Armoured Rifle Companies,
  • Norwegian Leopard 1 Tank Squadrons, and M113 Storm Squadrons,
  • Danish Leopard 1 or Centurion DK Tank Squadrons, and M113 Armoured Infantry Companies.

Also has three scenarios featuring World War III: Nordic Forces.and detailed painting guides to help you prepare your Forces for combat.

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