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Stug III Ausf G

Stug III Ausf G

SKU: 4898132800171

The StuG III was designed to fill an infantry close support combat role, early models were fitted with a low-velocity 75 mm StuK 37 L/24 gun to destroy soft-skin targets and fortifications. 

Product Highlight:

- Choice of Early / Mid / Late production

- Option to assemble vehicle as a StuH 42 with 105mm Howitzer

- Choice of original trapezoid-shape mantlet or the Topfblende pot mantlet (often called Saukopf “Pig’s head”) gun mantlet with or without coaxial mount

- Detachable Schürzen (side armour)

- Optional rear stowage rack

- Optional spare road wheels

- Optional periscope

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