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Shiver: Gothic: Disciples of of Dregstone

Shiver: Gothic: Disciples of of Dregstone

SKU: 9781915053077

A gorgeously dark Gothic expansion for the Award Winning SHIVER RPG.

Inspire your players by expanding your gothic story world with Dregstone. Great for adding to a main story or even as a side plot for you todrop in and out of as players adopt the role of explorative street urchins, disgruntled shopkeepers, or concerned citizens in the city's underbelly.

Whilst the citizens of the Gothic city of Spireholm go about their daily business on the surface, just beneath the streets lies not only sewers and cellars but the entire hidden city of Dregstone. Dregstone is where all that is unwanted in Spireholm ends up. From the piles of everything from rubbish to rats, a civilisation of the outcast has emerged. 

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