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Partisan Resistance Cell: 02 Hundred Hours

Partisan Resistance Cell: 02 Hundred Hours

SKU: gfn-0200-18

New models and 40 unique cards introducing the new Plan mechanic!

A courageous group of Partisan fighters resists the German occupiers, gathering information, forming plans and launching night-time raids on the enemy.

This expansion adds Plan cards to the game, allowing the Partisan player to choose special tricks and stratagems before the battle starts - cut the phone lines, receive coded messages or even place sausages to distract the guard dogs! Plan cards are a bit like the Event cards, except that you choose 3 (normally) before the battle starts - the more Partisans in your force, the more Plans you will have to choose from.

This set contains:

  • 6 metal character miniatures:
  •   Yvette, Partisan Hero
  •   Luc, Partisan Stalwart
  •   Marie Partisan Sniper
  •   Remi, Partisan Radio Man
  •   Astrid, Partisan Agent
  •   Edith, Partisan Operative
  • 8 multi-part plastic miniatures
  • 18 Recruitment cards
  • 17 Plan cards
  • 4 Event cards
  • 1 Partisan Rules card
  • 14 Plastic Bases

Included are Recruitment cards for Jedburgh teams - 3-man groups tasked with helping the local resistance cells to prepare for D-Day.

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