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Operation Torchlight: 02 Hundred Hours

Operation Torchlight: 02 Hundred Hours

SKU: gfn-0200-03

New models and 24 unique cards, including including options to field Royal Marine Commandos!

The top secret Special Operations Executive assembles expert teams for the most dangerous objectives... A courageous SOE agent receives intelligence that an RAF pilot has been lost carrying vital reconnaissance photographs. The Highland Major, famed for his tracking skills, hand-picks a force of Royal Marine Commandos for the rescue mission. A demolitions expert is added to provide an explosive diversion while an SOE assassin eliminates targets quickly and quietly....

This set contains:

  • 5 metal character miniatures:
  •   Demolition Expert
  •   Downed RAF Pilot
  •   Highland Major
  •   SOE Operative
  •   SOE Assassin
  • 12 multi-part plastic miniatures
  • 4 RM Commando metal heads
  • 11 Recruitment cards
  • 11 Veteran cards
  • 2 Order cards
  • 24 Plastic Bases

NB. All cards are new, adding unique options and tactics to the game!

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