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Masters of the Universe: Battleground Starter Set

Masters of the Universe: Battleground Starter Set

SKU: 5901414672171

Experience fast, action-packed battles with the Masters of the Universe™: Battleground miniature game, based on the beloved 'Classics' toy series. Pick He-Man's or Skeletor's faction and compete with a second player to control the power of Eternia. Gear yourself up with various weapons and magical items, use the terrain in your favor. An innovative activation system and numerous character build combinations will make each game unique and exciting. By Archon Studio.

Starter Set components:

1x Game board

1x Rule book

1x Battleground book

10x Dice

2x Rulers

40x terrain accessories

227x cards

108x assorted tokens

1x He-Man™ Miniature

1x Man-At-Arms™ Miniature

1x Stratos™ Miniature

1x Orko™ Miniature

1x Ram Man™ Miniature

1x Skeletor™ Miniature

1x Evil-Lyn™ Miniature

1x Trap Jaw™ Miniature

1x Mer-Man™ Miniature

1x Tri-Klops™ Miniature

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