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M8 Greyhound/M20

M8 Greyhound/M20

SKU: 4898132800287

The M8 Light Armoured Car, the “Greyhound”, entered combat service with the Allies in 1943. It was purpose designed to serve as the primary basic command and communication combat vehicle of the US Cavalry Reconnaissance Troops. The M8 first saw action in Italy in 1943 and was used by the US Army both in Europe and in the Far East. 

- 1/56 (28mm) scale 2 sprue plastic kit

- Option to build either a M8 or M20 Armoured Car

- Two MG arrangements for the M8 – rear or ring mount

- Open or close front driver hatch

- Choice of external utility toolbox or landmine rack

- Simplified yet detailed chassis interior

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