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Guards of Facility 9: 02 Hundred Hours

Guards of Facility 9: 02 Hundred Hours

SKU: gfn-0200-02

New models and 24 unique cards, including the 'It's a Trap' event, to turn the tables on the attackers!

At a classified location in Western Europe, German scientists carry out chemical research to create deadly new weapons. The facility is overseen by the officious commandant, ably assisted by his adjutant and a wounded veteran officer who has been reassigned away from the front line. Guards patrol the facility wearing gas masks to protect themselves from the toxic fumes while a sinister Gestapo officer keeps a watchful eye on everyone...

This set contains:

  • 5 metal character miniatures:
  •   Commandant
  •   Adjutant
  •   Gestapo Officer
  •   Wounded Officer
  •   Chief Scientist
  • 16 multi-part plastic miniatures (including 4 guard dogs)
  • 4 gas-mask metal heads
  • 9 Recruitment cards
  • 7 Event cards
  • 7 Veteran cards
  • 1 Requisition card
  • 24 Plastic Bases

NB. All cards are new, adding unique options and tactics to the game!

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